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08 The Printed Word and Image

08 The Printed Word and Image - The Printed Word and Image...

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1/29/08 The Printed Word and Image 29/01/2008 15:35:00 -Possible to distribute much more widely artistic ideas -Shows off ability to draw, compose kind of inventions (in relation to Venetian art) in Germany, print 50, and sell them to people all over Europe and abroad Printmaking “Process” The ability to reproduce images actually occurred at different times in different places in the world In particular, we will look at how process dev. In 15 th century Europe-had tremendous impact as society as a whole (only peripherally on art n this time period)… Guttenberg’s movable type o In the 1450s in Europe, it becomes possible to reproduce large texts by using this moveable type o Prior to the invention of moveable type all books and other documents had to be copied by scribes o Books were extremely expensive because they were so labor intensive, so only the wealthiest individuals could afford these o Merchants now could afford much more than they could before, did encourage a proliferation of texts throughout Europe o Notion that suddenly when printed, there was much less room for error o Error for early printed books as well-people who were putting letters on matrix (?) weren’t familiar with texts Anonymous Florentine Engraver Map of the known world from Francesco Berlinghieri Seven days of geography Culturally where images made a diff in terms of the re-producability Natural philosophy and science Up to date maps available to people This map is largely based on Greek geography tasks (tolomy) and Byzantine manuscripts Presents viewer with vision of world that was substantially different than the visions of the world they would have had based on earlier texts as well as more viewers able to view this scientifically accurate map Shows that you are looking at round world and relatively small world from our point of view
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b/c of the availability of the round world maps that made the imagination behind the exploration attempts Prints as devotional objects Anonymous German woodcutter Saint Christopher hand colored wood cut You take a big block of wood that has been cut off and you engrave into and the ink will adhere to the places that are not carved into The lines that have been carved into are the ridges
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08 The Printed Word and Image - The Printed Word and Image...

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