08 Avant Garde and Commodity

08 Avant Garde and Commodity - AvantGarde and Commodity:...

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Avant-Garde and Commodity: Impressionism  01/04/2008 14:32:00 Edgar Degas Place de la Concorde 1875 He knew the impressionist, he exhibited with them sometimes-but essential motivation fits in with realism of manet and corbet more so than impressionism- although modern day life shows up in impress as well Quitiseential image of everyday urban modern life- unusual poses and perspectives, contemporary subject matter, and urban settings. Many painters present their work as avant garde and outside of taste of salon o Idea that artist oculd offer something that artistic opoiion couldn’t quite get to- really started with romanticism o Idea of impressionist as outsiders, rejected by salon o Value and aso a myth-a kind of template for the way we think of the art Composition- attempt to heighten realism-here and now feeling-almost accidental o Nothing remarkable about scene o Speaks to way of urban crown who has the potential of eroding the usual kind of relationships and bonds that were the glue of society o Also through formal techniques-gaps between figures It would’ve been easy to huddle group together Standard technique of naturalism-figures usually overlapping Notion of the alienation of modern urban life is something well see in degas work, and also Manet… Degas The Dance Class 1876 These were ugly and seedy and not subjects worthy of being painted Never paints the ballet-but backstage images that emphasized the huge gap between the presenation of the beauty that is ballet and the reality and difficult, monotonous, tedious work that goes into ceating that performance Calls attention between ideal and public face of thing and what happens to make things possible-one of his repeated concepts Class connotations-performers back in the day were not high culture
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o For 19 th century it was not acceptable for a woman of the upper class to engage in public performance Degas Woman bathing Taken as formal beauty-evident ability to draw in pastel Image that doesn’t seem overtly posed Find beautiful and appropriate for all sorts of contexts- o However at the time installed uncertainty, mistrust, awkward o Motivation for painting though-he wanted to get away from artificial ways nude was posed in h o Was upsetting bc it wasn’t what people expected
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08 Avant Garde and Commodity - AvantGarde and Commodity:...

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