08 - 4/8/08 08/04/2008 14:38:00 Monet Gare Lazare , Paris...

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Unformatted text preview: 4/8/08 08/04/2008 14:38:00 Monet Gare Lazare , Paris 1877 Subject of his paintings was light itself Applied to a scene that we might not expect-not traditional landscape but icon of the modern world Space was literally dirty from exhaust and steam from trains o Painting of air pollution beautiful? o The way light is refracted by steam-perfect subject in which we get all of potential colors broken up behind haze o Interplay between myth as impressionist as radical and their place within the art system-despite this there were profound formal changes that took place This very idea was radical to make the unacceptional art Pierre-Auguste Renoir La Grenouillere 1869 oil The painting of modern life-image of life not indebted to certain history-appreciation for what was around you o Upside-impressionists were able to break from much of the constraints of the academy system o This rhetoric of having anything as the subject of painting meant that imp. Painting could serve to give us insight between art and society for these people who were creating it-they tended to take thigst hat were acceible to them and part of their lives as their subjects o This kind of painting hasnt been painted before-retreat within the urban society of paris o Points to issues of labor within new modern economy o But what we havent seen much of is uncritical, unaexcepptional interpetation of everyday occurrence o The subject matter of this painting is both unimportant and the most important thing because of that-chosen to be transparent on purpose-makes the point that what is painted does not matter o Formal expirmentiation-insoistst that its a formal object built up on the expression of paint Renoir Luncheon of the Boating Party 1880 dangers in taking middle class bourgeoius daily life as subject-there is more potential for a painting that is purely celbratory of that and creates a highly romanticized view of that life celebrating rarther than interpretating...
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08 - 4/8/08 08/04/2008 14:38:00 Monet Gare Lazare , Paris...

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