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4/22/08 22/04/2008 14:45:00 Archibald J. Motley Jr. Blues 1929 Harlem renaissance Direction that af American art and American art in 20 th cent Diego Rivera History of Mexico: The Aztec Empire 1945 Social upheavel, revolution of sort-mexica revolution Factions loyal to ideas to Spanish colonial thing I mex and also to those looking for radical change in that-Usually in socialism or outright communism Rivera was a valid communist activist-saw himself with sympathies of mexicn revolution in 21 st century-one of the most important and official painters of the revoltion Fresco-part of a much larger scheme of murals-produced for a palace in mexico city in 40s Designed as permanent memorial as record of Mexican history that would cumlminate in emxico Supposed to be a totaliing history in mex up to this point Aztec empire, colonization of mexico Painted over the course of several decades Purposes o Wants to create for the new society of socialisr mexico-create an art that is permanent and canbe a rival to great cultural traditions of western world Looks back on art of renaissance-like paintings by Michelangelo Confined within important governmental space-breaking down wall, opening up to sky above-attempt to appropriate something of the cultural capital-the meaning of sixteenth chapel, basically composed by variety of figures For rivera ialian fresco is so important because stuff like the last judgement has been looked at as a kind of be all end all People have seen what they wanted to-but its consistently valued-a kind of point of origin for artists looking back-it is this kind of origin that rivera wants to look back on It is an artist working in a place that has not prev been seen as a hub for long standing European tradition-trying to connect his work to earlier established prescendents-other artists trying to reject these connections By trying to draw on the authority that the earlier art had
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History of mexico: mexico city Rivera did not just copy the basic style of fresco painting-fully aware of the innovations of abstract painting up until this point The Aztec empire Also drawing on kind of primitiveness-looking upon distant past as pride for the new citizens of mexico Variety of things to show us were looking at an event that is not part of a mythic past He also shows hes aware of the dangers of imperialism and primitiveism History of mex today and tomorrow-clear ackowledgement by rivera tht hes not calling for mexico to adopt traditional culture History of mexico: mexico today and tomorrow Hammer and sicle in flag-kar marx with communist manifesto-new sun dawning over entire composition Obv directed and immediately related to new aims of communist society-doesn’t attempt to comminicate these things with an art they didn’t understand He does paint it in a tradition that draws much more on representation On the kind of narrative story telling-similar aims to the art of the societ revolution
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08 - 14:45:00 Archibald J Motley Jr Blues 1929 Harlem...

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