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Week 3- Disney synergies and celebrities_

Week 3- Disney synergies and celebrities_ - Week 3 Disney...

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Week 3- Disney synergies and celebrities 08/09/2008 18:03:00 “Why Ownership Matters,” pp. 1-13; “Why Ownership Matters, Revisited”, pp. 207-225 “Terms and Concepts,” pp. 231-244 EMV 55-72 MTV Music Video Awards MMC Talent, stage presence o Audition-American dream-average person Adolescence is unavoidable Switched markets-they grow, we grow (fan loyalty) o Branding continuity- Similarity between way they were branded as kids and way they are now o Britney- small town, all American pure southern belle Hit me baby-schools girl but kind of naughty o Christina White, Anglo o Justin-slightly more urban, gender division Show him playing basketball, golf, Homoscoiality Appropriates certain gestures-racialized is a masculinity thing too Disney-vertical integration o Production at Disney shoot, distribute on Disney affiliate channels “I feel for you” Chaka Khan and “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston
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o Exploiting elder music and appropriate it for all ages o Diversity o Always some sort of multiculturalism-all races, “one world”, harmonious
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