Week 5-quality tv

Week 5-quality tv - Week 5: "Quality TV" 24/09/2008...

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Week 5: “Quality TV” 24/09/2008 08:09:00 Quality drma gets the “right” kind of viewers to the network Friday Night Lights Hour long o Tries to brand network as a place to go for prestige shows, o quality-they get the demographic, have disposable income and buy products on show o tnt with the closer; madmen on AMC; the shield on FX, fits in w nip/tick; battle circle X on sci-fi o variety-has the highest cocentration of viewers who make over 100,000 averages 6 mil a week; always on the verge of cancellation NBC and direcTV (has its own channel) made deal to split production costs with rights to air it first in OCT- then in FEB, will air on NBC Devoted fans Tries for realism o Content Small working class town in texas. Rosanne is the only other show that really focuses on working class people. Doesn’t take place on a coast or big city. Focuses on the day to day knitty gritty issues. Deals with current poltical and social issues Handicap/disability-we see Jason in hospital, struggling to regain use of body Race-in Dylan, churches are completely segregated. Comment Alcoholism-Tim Riggins War in Iraq RELIGION-95% believe in god; 75% go to church
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Week 5-quality tv - Week 5: "Quality TV" 24/09/2008...

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