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CHEM 3421 Study Guide Test 1 Chapter: Introduction Steps in an analytical method Chapter 5: Errors in Chemical Analysis Mean and median Precision and accuracy Absolute and relative errors Types of errors Types of systematic errors Detection and minimization of different types of systematic errors Constant and proportional errors Chapter 6: Random Errors in Chemical Analysis Possible combinations of random uncertainties and drawing frequency distribution (Gaussian) curve Sources of random errors in calibration of 10 ml pipet Sample and population standard deviation Pooled standard deviation Standard error of mean Variance (CV) Relative standard deviation (RSD)
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Unformatted text preview: • Spread or range • Standard deviation of computed results: sum, difference, product, quotient, log, antilog, exponent • Significant figures • Rounding numbers Chapter 7: Statistical Treatment of analytical Data • Common applications of statistical calculations • Confidence level and confidence interval: z test and t test • Null hypothesis • Comparing an experimental mean with true value (z test and t test) • Comparison of two experimental means (z test, t test and paired t-test) • Comparison of precision (F test) • Detection of gross error, presence of an outlier (Q test)...
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