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OMIM NCBI Databases - window will appear. Select 314690;...

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Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Content Skills Process Skills: 1. Utilize OMIM to find information about gene and/or genetic disorders 2. Utilize various NCBI web resources to find information about gene locus, function, structure. Introduction: Data bases are essential for obtaining information about genes. Gene sequence, chromosomal location (locus), medical importance, comparative structure and function are readily obtained from several web sites. NIH acts as the host of most of the sites, and therefore use is free. This lab will explore the wide range of information available from one site, OMIM, Activity: (Note: fill out Results Page as you go through the activity steps). Each number on this page corresponds the question on the Results Page. 1. Go to the above web site. Enter 314690 in the search window; the following
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Unformatted text preview: window will appear. Select 314690; the following window will appear: 2. The protein names associated with the MIM number are listed below it as well as any alternate titles, symbols referred to in published articles. 3. The panel on the left has links to the sections of the MIM entry. Click on Molecular Genetics. Click on Jensen et al. (2005). Click on the PubMedID. Click on the Free full text article in PubMed Central. 4. Return back to the reference page for MIM 314690. Click on the gene map locus. The following window appears: Click on Xp11.22-p11.21. The following window appears: 5. In the red highlighted text, click on pr, hm and sts. Refer back to the Jensen et al. 2005 paper. In the...
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OMIM NCBI Databases - window will appear. Select 314690;...

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