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David Trinh 16:51:04 LAW-310 Professor G. Hicks Bad Frog Brewery vs. NYS Liquor Authority 1. a. Why did the Court of Appeals conclude that the Bad Frog label constituted commercial speech? i. The Court of Appeals concluded that the Bag Frog label constituted as commercial speech because it was done on behalf of a company or individual for the intent of making a profit. It is a economic in nature and usually has the intent of convincing the audience to partake in a particular action, often purchasing a specific product. b. What is the significance of the decision? i. The meaning of the decision is that many companies will go to the full extent to advertise their products and will somehow persuade the audience in buying them. The company is doing this because their intention was to make profit. 2. Why did the Court of Appeals rule in Bad Frog’s favor? a. The Court of Appeals ruled in Bad Frog’s favor because their intentions from the
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Unformatted text preview: commercial was only to make profit and plus alcohol drinks were only for adults. 3. a. Do you agree with the letter writer that Bad Frog is an unwise decision? Explain. i. I don’t agree with them because not everyone gets offend with the middle finger it’s just their own personal problem with that finger. I’m kind of bias towards the middle finger because sometime I don’t mind the middle finger and sometime I do mind. I think it is how an individual treats the middle finger. b. Should “the finger” be an illegal gesture? Explain. i. I don’t think “the finger” should be an illegal gesture because some people want to express themselves. I think it just depends on the person who gives “the finger” and on the ways they express “the finger.”...
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