Chapter 4 Question

Chapter 4 Question - the party 5 Grader should be a innocent one with no fault Dionne the one drinking failed 3 time to tell the taxi driver Grader

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David Trinh 16:01:21 LAW-310 Professor G. Hicks Chapter 4 Questions 3. In my opinion, I think McRoberts should be innocent because they didn’t provide liquor on the boat because they knew that someone was going to act dumb and drive when their drunk. The fault should be on Crowly because he was the one that brought the liquor and he was drinking it in the galley of McRoberts’s 40-foot boat. Crowly also knew that he would get his liquor taken away if he drank it on the boat so he went into a small place where no one can see him. McRoberts did not violate the Indiana Dram Shop law because he didn’t know that Crowly was drunk and so did the others on the boat. Now if McRoberts could smell the alcohol aroma from Crowly then he should have known that he was drunk. But the people on the boat including McRoberts failed to identify that Crowly was drunk. I would say both people are at fault but most it goes to Crowly because he should have known better not to drink at
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Unformatted text preview: the party. 5. Grader should be a innocent one with no fault. Dionne the one drinking failed 3 time to tell the taxi driver Grader directions to his home and think told him to talk him to another bar. But I think at the end of it, it should have been Graders fault because he didn’t wait till Dionne get into his house. If I was the taxi driver I would have waited until they go into their house then wait a minute or two just incase anything happens. Then Grader heard other voices in the lot, and he assumed Dionne would be fine. When you have a drunken passenger I think the driver or the oldest one should take them to the front doorstep because in this case Grader stayed inside his car and waited for the “ok, I think he’s safe” then leave. It would nice to have someone take you to the front doorstep and make sure you are safe then leave....
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