Formal Outline - i) Won’t be able to get anything done...

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Sanchez 1 Jocelyn Sanchez David Trinh Chris Carter Amber Ramos Professor S. Bricker ENGL032 22 July 2008 Formal Outline I. Defining your audience A) Who’s receiving the information? 1) Group or individual B) The audiences need or wants 1) Style of communication i)How you approach them 2) Expectations of audience; group C) Age group 1) Kids 2) Teens 3) Adults II. The amount of time being given to complete the essay A) Less time given 1) Unorganized paper 2) Student is prepared 3) The paper isn’t as good as it could or should be B) More time again 1) The paper is more organized 2) Student is more prepared 3) The essay flows and makes sense
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Sanchez 2 III. Atmosphere- where the student writes his/her paper A) A quiet place 1) More peaceful i) Able to think and write more(pay more attention to paper) B) A noisy place 1) May be too many things going on at once
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Unformatted text preview: i) Won’t be able to get anything done IV. Vocabulary, spelling and grammar A) Punctuation 1) Correct use of question mark, period, etc. B) Are the words spell correct 1) Misspelled words 2) Spell check a) Spell check C) Word usage 1) The types of words one chose to use i) Vocabulary a. At lease grade level vocabulary ii) Vocabulary a. Could use better words i. Student have a high vocabulary D) The sentences make sense 1) Are words being thrown in to create sentences? V. Effort Sanchez 3 A) Does the person take time on the essay? 1) Does the person start on the essay right away when given or at last minute? B) Does the student get straight to the point? 1) Takes forever to get to the point...
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Formal Outline - i) Won’t be able to get anything done...

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