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My Qualities - comfort you and put a smile to your face...

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David Trinh Professor S. Bricker ENGL 032 20 August 2008 My Qualities Everyone is different in many ways, me, I’m unique. At first glance people would think I’m shy and quiet. I’m not just an ordinary guy, I am that guy that would help you on your homework, fix your computer, buy you stuff that you wanted for the longest time, and I am the kind of guy that would do more than just listen to music; dance. You will think I am just an innocent little kid but I can prove you wrong. I’ve done many things that put my life on the verge of death. People assume I’m a shy or quiet person, once you get to know me I’m am sure that you would think that I am different person. When I’m in class it’s a habit for me to be quiet because I was though when I was small to never talk in class. Being that nice guy that helps you with your homework, comfort your when your down, or maybe be the only one that know how to
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Unformatted text preview: comfort you and put a smile to your face. Also being the nice guy, I would treat the ladies to dinner where ever they want to go. Don’t think that I will do this to everyone because I wouldn’t. For the guys well you’re out of luck because I don’t do anything for the guys or else people would consider me gay. Having a passion for music is good, but it wasn’t good enough for me so I began to dance. While dancing in the parking lot at one in the morning I would flow through ever beat of the song. If you see me sleeping in class in the morning it would mean that I had dance practice last night. I’m not the kind of guy that would just sit in front of the computer and play games all day. Other considered me as an outgoing person....
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