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Standing in the door way of my room you will see table lined up to the wall. A table on  the far right corner next to a window with a great view of the streets.  There are five computers  setup straight across all with wireless mouse and keyboards.  On the table to the far right sits  two third-two inch monitors and four twenty inch monitors.  This I would call my command  center, I use this to hack into others computer, graphic designs, and edit videos.  The five  computers that are setup to next to the wall are firewalls and dedicated servers. In the center of 
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Unformatted text preview: the room there is a cell phone range and wireless internet booster. The every top corner of the room there are twelve inch speakers all connected into a ten inches by fifteen inches by twelve inches subwoofer. When you turn the volume up on the speaker everything in the room and around the house will shake. The wall is painted midnight blues with scattered clouds and a full moon. Plugged into the left wall is an ocean breeze air freshener that sprays every two hours. The carpet is painted in green, similar to the color of grass....
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