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pg 186 - At last we arrived at Miami I was waiting for my...

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I had been looking forward to my vacation for months. I was planning to lie on the sandy beach all day and dance all night at the club. As I start my vacation it was not what I expected it to be. On the flight to Miami, I had the middle between a big man and a mother with a baby. Then the flight was delayed for two hours because of fog, and inside the plane it was very hot and noisy. After the delay, the plane was finally up into the air but it was not a smooth ride.
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Unformatted text preview: At last we arrived at Miami. I was waiting for my suitcase to come out for the longest time ever but it didn’t come out. I could just picture my suitcase with all my new clothes sitting in some other city. I don’t really have to worry because all I need for the week in Miami was a raincoat. I didn’t really need party clothes either because the first morning, I slipped while getting out of the shower and sprained my ankle. I need a break from my vacation....
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