1 - 6 Roberto memorized his lines for the performance...

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David Trinh ENGL 092 7 October 2008 Professor V. Smolek Tues/Thrus 1-5pm Page 347 #1-10 1. Sarah rented a movie called  Citizen Kane. 2. The restaurant spices were imported from India. 3. The police officer walked to Jerome’s Van and gave him a ticket for speeding. 4. My English professor comes with a cup of tea everyday to class. 5. We ate of the dinner table after it was refinished.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Roberto memorized his lines for the performance tomorrow night 7. There was a tricycle with big wheels and painted red. 8. On the shelf, there laid an antique crock used for storing lard. 9. My friends think I’m weird because I always wanted to learn to speak Spanish. 10. I was looking for the lost key but I ended up late for class....
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