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David Trinh ENGL 092 7 October 2008 Professor V. Smolek Tues/Thrus 1-5pm Page 405-406 #1-10 1. My daughter-in-law recently entered medical school. 2. At the bar I worked in, last summer, the waitresses’ tips were always pooled and equally  divided. 3. You’re going to Paris next summer aren’t you? 4. The career counselor said, “The computer field is not as open as it used to be.” 5. My English professor, read aloud Frost’s poem “Two Look at Two.”
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Frank asked me, if I wanted to rent a big screen television for out Super Bowl party. 7. Rachel, the teaching assistant for my linguistics class, spent last year in China. 8. Macys’ is having a sale on women’s boots next week. 9. Trina said, “My one-year-olds newest work is Bzz” which she says whenever she sees a fly. 10. Some animals, horses, and donkeys can interbreed, but they produce infertile offspring’s....
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