7 - 6. An employee announced over the loudspeaker...

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David Trinh ENGL 092 7 October 2008 Professor V. Smolek Tues/Thrus 1-5pm Page 408 #1-10 1. My mother is preparing some special foods for our Hanukkah meal; Rabbi Epstein will  join us. 2. My American politics professor used to be a judge in the town of Evans. 3. A restaurant in the Galleria mall serves Korean food. 4. A graduate student I know is writing a book about Buddha titled  The Great One: Ways to  Enlightenment. 5. At the concert last night, Cher changed into many different outfits.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. An employee announced over the loudspeaker ATTENTION, CUSTOMERS! We have Pepsi on sale in aisle ten for VERY LOW price! 7. Karens father was stationed at Fort Bradley during the Vietnam War. 8. Last Tuesday the state assembly Governor Allens budget. 9. Boston is an exciting city; be sure to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. 10. Dan asked if I wanted to go see the Bolshoi Ballet at Sheas Theatre in November...
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