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Every celebrity has their way of fame

Every celebrity has their way of fame - he wanted to show...

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David Trinh 9 September 2008 ENGL 092 Professor V. Smolek Why Do You Think People Are So Fascinated With Celebrities? Every celebrity has his or her type of fame- for instance, Mariah Carey. Many people are fascinated by her talent. When she sings, the sound of her voice brings a tingle down my spine. Every beat of the song can make a person dance to it. People are fascinated with Mariah Carey because of her looks. She has been on many cover magazines and has also been featured in some movies like Glitter, WiseGirls, and State Property 2Her music videos and the producers bring out her beauty. Also, Carey advertises many cosmetic products like, “clean-n-clear”, and face-lift products. There are not only American celebrities but there are many foreign musician and actress. Like Jackie Chan is most famous for his martial arts skills and also his crazy stunts. Jackie said that
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Unformatted text preview: he wanted to show off his skills but not to promote martial arts. Jackie wanted to just make fun of martial arts because everyone makes it seem so easy. Jackie also became famous with his cartoon series called Jackie Chan’s Adventures. Many kids and teenagers enjoyed this cartoon series and also became interested in this work. American was fascinated by a group of dancers called Jabbawockeez’s. These groups of talented dancer were gifted to be on national television. They started out in 2003 with some friends that wanted to show off freestyle dance. Many people called them the “garage crew”. They began to enter dance competition in San Diego and they began building up fame from then. Many dancers set the Jabbawockeez as their role models because it took a lot of talent to be on National Television and also to be America’s best dance crew....
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