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Introduction to Applied Economics and Management AEM 101 Fall 2007 October 31, 2007 Young Alumni Mentor Assignment I was lucky enough to have a wonderful experience with my AEM mentor. After an initial email message, my mentor responded by telling me to give him a call because he thought it would be more constructive to speak over the phone. By speaking to my mentor I was able to get some good answers to my questions and some more information about the AEM program and working after graduation. After telling me about what he does, my mentor elaborated on what investment banking is and how becoming an investment banker opens doors for a variety of other specializations. Furthermore, my mentor advised me on some of the better classes that he took during his time at Cornell University. These classes consisted of courses that he felt benefited him in the long run
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Unformatted text preview: and were able to establish a foundation when he entered the workforce. In addition, he talked to me briefly about internships and how important they are in getting experience out in the real world. He reminded me to create relationships with professors, not only in order to get recommendations, but also because the professors at Cornell University are great people. Lastly, he recommended a book I should read called Monkey Business . This experience was very helpful to me and I plan on keeping a good relationship with my mentor. After my experience I can confidently say that this AEM mentor program is a good idea. I was able to receive some good advice and establish a relationship with a young alumnus....
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