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Final Essay#5 - 5. What is Se'en? Discuss some of the main...

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5 . What is Se’en? Discuss some of the main categories of Se’en . Se’en is an “Ethiopic conceptual term for aesthetics 1 . ” Se’en is said to come from the Ethiopic verb Sanaya, which is defined in English as the act of being learned and beautiful . In addition to relating to beauty, Se’en correlated with prize, make-up and cultural refinement . Se’en is typically described using words like fairness, kindness, generosity, and beauty (in regards to one’s behavior) . With this being said, Se’en can be understood in simple terms like these or it can be interpreted in with a more complex understanding 2 . Se’en has many different categories, in which different structures are classified . The Ethiopians call these categories “vines . 3 ” Se’en is the lead concept or prefix for all the categories it holds . One significant category of Se’en is Se’na Filsifina (Hatata), which focuses on Se’en being the basic principle of philosophy . The 17 th Ethiopian philosopher Zara Yaqob presented this idea and defined philosophy in six basic points . First, stating that philosophy is a “clearly defined method . 4 ” He further states defines philosophy using the principles “criticism, inquiry, a criterion, the light of reason and basis upon which the whole edifice of the inquiry is founded . 5 ” While examining the Ethiopic writing system, specifically Se’en, an understanding of the definition of philosophy is quite important . These principles help Zara to explain his theories on all people and all nations being equal 6 . In addition, Claude Sumner, an Ethiopian scholar from Canada, speaks a lot about the philosophy of Ethiopia . He explains that it is primarily an anthropocentric, not theocentric, philosophy . 7
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Final Essay#5 - 5. What is Se'en? Discuss some of the main...

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