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Bibliography Adams, Lawrence E. "Confronting Islam in Africa." Intercollegiate Review 42 (2007): 13-22. Academic Search Premier . 5 May 2008 Bekerie, Ayele, “Se’en: Aesthetic and Literary Traditions of Ethiopia,” pp. 119-135 Jones, Ann. "Finding the Lovedu.; Southern African People Where the Women 'Rule." The Women's Review of Books 1 Feb. 1998: 11-15. LexisNexis . 5 May 2008. "Lovedu." Encyclopedia Britannica . 2008. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 8 May 2008
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Unformatted text preview: <>. Ray, Benjamin. “African Religions: Symbol. Ritual and Community.” Englewood Cliff , NJ: Prentice Hall, (1976): 174-191. Vlahos, Olivia. "A King Who is a Queen the Royal "She" of the Lovedu." The Viking Press : 127-143. Werner, Lange. "The Source of African Philosophy: the Ethiopian Philosophy of Man." The International Journal of African Historical Studies 20 (1987): 734-735. JSTOR . 5 May 2008 <>....
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