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MIdterm Review Questions

MIdterm Review Questions - Review Questions for ASRC 205...

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Review Questions for ASRC 205 Midterm Exam Spring 2008 A. Bekerie Part I: Briefly Define or Identify the Following Words or Phrases : Robert Mugabe, Enkishon, Baka people, fantasy coffins, rainforest, Cameroon, Fort Jesus, Ali Mazrui, cradle of humankind, Suez Canal, Steven Biko, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, settler colonialism, Mau Mau, Iron Horse, Living-Dead, Basil Davidson, Irua, osu, St. Maurice, Swahili, elephanticide, fossils, hominids, Taung, Kamoya Kimeu, Dinqnesh, Laetoli, Gona, Radio-carbon dating, Toguna, Uno, Oboddo, Ilo, efulefu, cheverons, Hogon, Bandiagara, Lebe, Nommo, Amma, equinox, anthropocentric, potential time, actual time, sasa, zamani, Uri, Asanthene, Acquired immortality, rites of passage, Ikemefuna, Nwoye, Dipo, age grade system, Random Genetic Mutation, Creating Time, libation, verticality (architecture), Afro-asiatic, Chukwu, Chi, Ani, Ikenga, Egungun, Part II: List Questions: 1. List five functions of culture 2. List five ancient African cities 3. List five North African countries 4. List five southern African countries 5. List five countries from Central Africa 6. List five countries from East Africa 7.
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