Final essay#12 - 12. What distinguishes the Lovedu people?...

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12. What distinguishes the Lovedu people? Discuss the tradition of women leaders among the Lovedu people. The Lovedu people are Bantu speaking people of a Northern province in South Africa. Their immediate neighbors include the Venda and the Tsonga. Agriculture is their major economic activity, with corn (maize), millet, squash, and peanuts (groundnuts) cultivated by hoe. For the Lovedu people, cattle is the primary source of currency and beer is usually used for compensation. For the Lovedu produce is consumed rather than marketed. A Lovedu village typically consists of 20 to 80 small structures used for dwelling, work, and social activities 1 . The Lovedu people are distinguished by their emphasis on the qualities: the willingness to compromise, moderation, geniality and the concept of having no more or less than anybody else 2 . There were no policemen or warriors among the Lovedu people, but the Lovedu people differed from other African people by having a woman as their ruler. The queen of the Lovedu people rarely commanded and never punished the people. She was seen as the nation’s mother and did not use violence or ever fight others. Instead she protected the Lovedu people spiritually by commanding the clouds. The queens of the Lovedu people are respected like kings and referred to as rain queens. The rain queens can make it rain during droughts and help maintain the agriculture of the Lovedu people 3 . The Mujaji is considered the greatest and most powerful rain maker in the history of South Africa. Neighboring people came to Mujaji to try and bring rain to their lands. With this being said, Mujaji’s main concern was to bring rain for her own people. If the rain did not come for a while, the Lovedu people would question themselves and wonder if they had done something to offend or annoy the queen. In those situations, the Lovedu
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Final essay#12 - 12. What distinguishes the Lovedu people?...

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