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November15LectureNotes - Transcribed lecture notes NOTE An...

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11/15/07 Transcribed lecture notes. NOTE: An Audio recording of Dr Greene’s Nov 13 th and 15 th lectures are available for review at 106 Stimson Hall. Since I was in Honduras for this lecture, I will write a supplemental summary of the lecture topics below. If you want to review a record of the actual lecture you will need to go to 106 Stimson Hall between 9AM and 2PM Monday through Friday to listen to the recordings. (ppt) Normal course business. (ppt SERIES) Community Ecology: The word community may be defined as the sum of all the populations in a given area. More precisely, a biotic community is an assemblage of species (or populations) living close enough together for potential interaction(s). See the lecture ppt slides for examples of communities and the complexity of community ecology. What factors are most significant in structuring a community? See the lecture ppts for answer. (ppt) Why is there Global variation of species diversity? What causes this variation?
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