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October 23 2007 Transcribed lecture notes. (ppt) Coverage of exam material (ppt) Mutations – source of variation via the creation of new alleles. c c In contrast, the shuffling of alleles results from crossing over & independent assortment of alleles into gametes. (ppt) c Polymorphism (multiple morphs (body types)) within a population is a reflection of geographic variation [wide spread species often exhibit polymorphism across their range of distribution]. o For example, Fig 13.11 Northwestern Garter snake)- their flight pattern away from danger relates to color patterns of snake. o This type of variation provides the “raw material” for Natural Selection to act upon. o NOTE: Natural Selection tends to decrease variability within a population. o The diploid condition preserves variation by hiding recessive alleles. (ppt)
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October_23_07LecNotes - Transcribed lecture notes(ppt(ppt...

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