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-1 COM 204 FINAL REVIEW SHEET Need to bring a Scanton for multiple choice: #882 ********Are potential short answer or essay questions concerning these areas? Some will be practical questions that ask you to apply these concepts others will be more "cognitive" asking you to just describe them. Exam could cover handouts and readings but will focus mainly on the following: Initial lecture on argumentation **** Four benefits of developing critical thinking skills 4. Epistemic" function: a. way of knowing 5. Reflective function: b. means of decision making, problem solving 6. Defensive function: c. become a more discriminating consumer 7. Advocacy function: d. make a persuasive case WHAT IS ARGUMENTATION? Purpose (persuade/influence), method (logic), and target (directed toward an audience) Argumentation is instrumental vs. expressive Argumentation involves central processing, e.g., active mental deliberation Arguing is a communicative process Argumentation involves reason giving Cogent arguments—sound arguments that are justifiable and logical Arguments are attempts to influence Argumentation is probabilistic in nature: why do we say that The "common sense" view of argument is predominantly negative The "enlightened" view characteristics of argumentation is positive
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What are the limitations of argumentation? *****Why are decisions made from argumentation superior? 1. Decisions tend to be more correct: better way to arrive at truth 2. Use of argument increases personal flexibility adapting to new information 3. Acting on own volition not manipulated 4. Withstands criticism of others 5. Argumentation is humanizing process respecting each for own rationality The nature of propositions *******TYPES OF PROPOSITIONS, CAN YOU RECOGNIZE THEM? 8. Propositions of meaning
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final review 204 w08-1.wps - COM 204 FINAL REVIEW SHEET...

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