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Article Essay Week 3 - Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart...

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Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart Professor Feenstra 17 October 2008 Microeconomics Healthcare The rising cost of health care has become a key problem for American businesses. Some workers may face the choice of health care or decreases in salaries. This growing burden cannot be put on the back burner any longer. 2009 has to be the year for major health care reform. Let’s hope that the new president makes this his number one priority. Years ago when Hillary Clinton rallied for health care for everyone, large companies scoffed at the idea (In Need 3). Today firms such as Wal-Mart are pleading to the government for assistance (In Need 3). Over 50 years ago the unions bargained with the government to require health care coverage for employees with the incentives of tax breaks (In Need 3). Today these tax breaks are not covering the rising health care cost per employee. Today’s employer pays an average of 9% of each worker’s salary for health care (In Need 3). These same unions will not allow the companies to cut the salaries of the employees to compensate for these costs. That is actually a good thing.
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Article Essay Week 3 - Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart...

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