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Article Essay Week 4 - Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart...

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Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart Professor Feenstra 28 October 2008 Microeconomics Patience Pays We hear the horror stories of how college students acquire their first credit card and shop themselves into a prison of debt. While the entire concept of waiting patiently for our wants until we have enough money to buy them seems obvious, it is not always easy to do. Perhaps “Patience 101” needs to be developed as a required class right along with English, Math, and Science. I do not really think of patience as one of the keys to success. On the other hand, after reading the article, perhaps now is the time to add it to the list. Hard work is how I see the way to achieve the American dream. This thought inspires me and gives hope that no matter what economic level we start from, there is no boundary as to how high we can go. However, I am not that naïve to think that luck does not play some part in the climb to success. The right job opening needs to become available when the employee is jobless. If not, it may be necessary to take an entry position in the company that is desired and patiently work the way up to the job
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Article Essay Week 4 - Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart...

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