Article Essay Week 5

Article Essay Week 5 - Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart...

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Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart Professor Feenstra 5 November 2008 Microeconomics Milk Scare Finding products made in America seems to be a difficult task lately. When we are fortunate enough to come across some, they are quite a bit more expensive. Sadly, well established companies are now having their products made in China. Thus, the antagonism that many Americans have for China continues to build. Headline figures showing a surging Gross Domestic Product export up to 40% are fueling the hatred fires. Americans watch in disgust as they lose their jobs as our factories close while China’s economy seems to be soaring as they ship their products back to us. China must then be concerned with the failing economy of the United States. This is not true according to bank economist Jonathan Anderson (Old 1). When carefully analyzing the figures, Mr. Anderson calls the GDP export figure closer to only 10% (Old 2). They key to their success is cutting back on imports as rising domestic demand increases. They make their own
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Article Essay Week 5 - Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart...

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