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Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart Professor Pickel 10 September 2009 Principles of Marketing Assignment Two It is one thing to be told that each person has great opportunities, but to actually meet someone successful who was in the place that you find yourself now is an eye opening occurrence. One is not awar4e of the success they could have in the future. Kim Bindl took what each of us at Central Pennsylvania College have and turned her education into something great. Kim took advantage of her time at college and participated in many activities as an honors project and volleyball. These social events were a great addition to her outstanding resume. For her honors project she held a health fair. She made a variety of connections to people and companies through setting up the event. She even had her very own business cards made to hand to employers! This is a great tool so that the person may keep the card and remember you time from now. The overall project came together great and showed Kim’s
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This note was uploaded on 10/09/2009 for the course TEC marketing taught by Professor Brown during the Spring '09 term at Central Pennsylvania.

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Burkhart-AssignmentTwo - Burkhart 1 Brittany Burkhart...

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