Burkhart-Presentations Assignment

Burkhart-Presentations Assignment - Third Assignment,...

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Third Assignment, Principles of Marketing The presentations have been thoroughly prepared and very informative. I have found this an appealing way to learn unknown facts about some major businesses. The two companies that I selected for review were Coca-Cola and Sprint. Coca-Cola was once five cents a bottle which is hard to imagine by today’s prices. I found the most amazing fact was that they produce over 3,000 different drinks in more than 200 countries! They certainly have come a long way from that first five cent drink. Another expansion project undertaken by Coca-Cola was the production of a drink called “Lumae” which is being produced in Japan. Coca-Cola and Loreal have teamed up to produce a beverage aimed at people over 25 to slow down the aging process. For a future project, the company has been experimenting turning recycled plastic bottles into clothing. I also was not aware that a place called Coca-Cola World existed in Georgia. Visitors to this attraction can see a real bottling line, sample products, view artifacts,
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Burkhart-Presentations Assignment - Third Assignment,...

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