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Brittany Burkhart Professor Pickel 9 September 2009 Principles of Marketing Assignment Four Kraft has really hit home with their new ‘Pheeling’ Good about Cream Cheese campaign. Someone in their advertising department is a bona fide genius. For those of us who already consider cream cheese to be the food of the gods, the thought that Kraft even needs to advertise this ambrosia seems ridiculous. However, in these tough times, one can picture the concept that some people may break down and buy the cheaper generic replication. Kraft takes into play a major influence on business buyers that many companies overlook, emotion. Some companies assume that shoppers favor only the cheapest product in a very plain impersonal box (Armstrong 153). Studies have shown that consumers respond to both rationale and sentiment (Armstrong 153). ‘Pheeling’ is a new word that Kraft developed that combines “Philly” and “Feeling” to mean a happy state of mind (Armstrong 1). They are playing on people’s emotions by running ads on television
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Burkhart-AssignmentFour - Brittany Burkhart Professor...

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