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4/21/09 11:02 PM EBSCOhost Page 1 of 1 Title: Authors: Source: Document Type: Subject Terms: Geographic Terms: Company/Entity: People: Abstract: ISSN: Accession Number: Database: Notes: Back 1 page(s) will be printed. Record: 1 Senate Majority Leader Hands NSF a Gift to Serve the Exceptionally Gifted. MERVIS, JEFFREY Science; 3/20/2009, Vol. 323 Issue 5921, p1548-1548, 1p Article *EARMARKING (Public finance) *GIFTED children NATIONAL Science Foundation (U.S.) REID, Harry, 1939-
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Unformatted text preview: UNITED States NATIONAL Science Foundation (U.S.) REID, Harry, 1939-The article focuses on federal funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF). It states that $3 million in earmarks for the NSF were included in the $410 billion U.S. federal spending measure of 2009. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the earmark was to help the NSF establish a mathematical institute devoted to identifying and developing mathematical talent in extraordinary children. 00368075 37253621 Academic Search Complete WCU Library owns some of this title Back...
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