As far as the regular high school id have to say

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Unformatted text preview: n ask five reasons for why that happened or five instances of what it led them to do. At the high school, I would give them two or three assignments, basically regarding "Who was Napoleon and what did he do?" We might get into a bit of analysis but just getting into the what and why, or probably the what is hard enough. Level II Coding: Categories derived from interviewees' statements - use of technology - faster - PowerPoint slides - limited amount of time - large amount of material - go over it quickly - time element - don't have that luxury - a lot of freedom - divide the time up - schedule - teaching strategies - teaching style Level III Coding: Consistent Themes generated from categories Josh Instructional/ Teaching Strategies Teaching Style Sam - see it all again - move from unit to unit - move quickly - move more slowly - rather not lose kids who are so gifted Instructional Strategies Jack - same as far as assignments - reading comprehension - analysis - reading between the lines - basic homework like facts with a little bit of analysis - Napoleon - who - what and why Homework/ Assignments Downloaded from by Katherine Prammer on April 21, 2009...
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