35648283 - All About Assessment W James Popham Anchoring...

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A SSOCIATION FOR S UPERVISION AND C URRICULUM D EVELOPMENT 85 W ater, water, everywhere/Nor any drop to drink”: These oft-quoted lines from Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” remind us that seasoned sailors can find themselves floating smack in the middle of an ocean yet have no access to what they most desperately need, namely, drinkable water. Today’s educators, inundated by a profu- sion of students’ test scores, face a similar dilemma. We can understand why some might, with good reason, cry out, “Data, data, every- where. Too much to let us think!” Most teachers and school administrators are now buffeted by students’ scores on accountability tests, classroom tests, interim tests, college entrance exams, and even tests to see whether students are ready to take those college entrance exams. In addition, large numbers of students are often asked to do battle with the National Assessment of Educa- tional Progress; some even tangle with an international test or two. With space travel apt to become more common in the future, imagine the potential for inter- galactic test taking. Talk about data overload. Staying on Course Despite repeated calls for educators to get more instructional mileage out of the assessment data they have at hand, two deterrents typically stand in the way of most educators’ effective use of test data. First, there’s a missing
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35648283 - All About Assessment W James Popham Anchoring...

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