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Chapter 3: Project Management Multiple Choice 1. _____ is the process of planning and controlling the development of a system within a specified time frame at a minimum cost with the right functionality. a. Project management b. Symantic timeline c. Task identification d. Time estimation e. Work plan 2. The most significant challenge to project managers is _____. a. lack of project management training b. no one really understands how to manage a complex systems development project c. the lack of tools that can assist in controlling project progress d. unrealistic schedule demands by project sponsors e. all of the above 3. A critical success factor for project management is to _____. a. create a work plan b. follow the three steps of project management c. identify most project tasks d. manage the hundreds of tasks e. start with a realistic assessment of the work 4. The three steps of project management are _____. a. controlling the project, directing the project, and creating the work plan b. creating the work plan, staffing the project, and controlling and directing the project c. directing the project, creating the work plan, and naming the tasks d. naming the tasks, creating the work plan, and completing the deliverables e. setting the start date, estimating the time, and reading the actual time 5. The _____ is a dynamic schedule that logs and monitors all of the tasks that need to be accomplished for the length of the project. a. margin of error b. project manager c. project objective d. timebox e. work plan 6. Diane needs to create a work plan for an upcoming systems project. She must first _____. a. estimate the hours and request deliverables
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b. identify the tasks and estimate the time needed to complete them c. initiate the project and create the project management assessment d. make tradeoffs and set conservative numbers e. timebox the completion date 7. To identify the tasks for a work plan the project manager can _____. a. control and direct the project b. estimate the size, staff the project, and remember technical skills c. establish a possible reporting structure d. list the four phases of the SDLC and the steps that occur in each e. set conservative numbers for the project software 8. Project managers can develop task lists for a project with the help of _____. a. established methodologies b. system proposals c. system requests d. user application hardware e. user requirements 9. Ryan, a newly hired systems analyst/consultant, is about to begin a systems project. Where will Ryan look first to locate the identifiable tasks he will record in his work plan? a. call a friend at a competing firm b. his Systems Analysis text book from college c. the company training materials for the company methodology d. the project planning software available at the local bookstore e. the website of his old college professor 10. The process of assigning values for the time and effort needed to perform a system project is called _____. a.
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ch03_quiz - Chapter 3 Project Management Multiple Choice 1...

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