abbreviated plant list

abbreviated plant list - PINES (PINUS) Pinus mugo (var....

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PINES (PINUS) Pinus mugo (var. mugo) (Dwarf) Mugo Pine 2 blue resin drops Pinus nigra Austrian Pine 2 needles don’t readily break Pinus thunbergii Japanese Black Pine 2 thick armor plated bark, crooked Pinus resinosa Red Pine 2 peeling bark reveals red Pinus densiflora ‘ Oculis draconis’ Dragon’s Eye Pine 2 green and yellow needles Pinus rigida Pitch Pine 3 armor bark, branch straight from trunk Pinus bungeana Lacebark Pine 3 multi-trunk Pinus strobus White Pine 5 thin drooping needles Pinus parviflora Japanese White Pine 5 blue green needles Pinus aristata Bristlecone Pine 5 very small, used for Bonsai Pinus flexilis Limber Pine 5 needle stiff than strobes (Ga/GrBark) Pinus wallichiana Himalayan Pine 5 very sappy, smooth needles HOLLYS (ILEX) Ilex Aquifolium English Holly much more glossy, wavy leaves with spines Ilex Opaca American Holly red berries, up to 10 points on leaf, not as glossy as English Ilex Opaca zanthocarpa Yellow Fruit American same as American but with yellow fruit Ilex Pedunculosa Longstalk Holly Looks like ficus, smooth stem, alternating leaves. red berry Ilex X meserveae Blue Holly Purple stems, slightly blue leaf, red berries, small tooth leaf Ilex Cornuta Chinese Holly Almost rectangular leaves with point at the end, red fruits Ilex Crenata Japanese Holly Alternate leaf, black berries, dense, rigid multibranch bush Ilex Crenata “beehive” Japanese “Beehive” Holly Alternate leaf, toothed leaves at tip (boxwood is all around) RHODODENDRONS (RHODODENDRON) Rhododendron Carolinium Carolina… cluster of buds, touch of brown on underside smallest leaf of Rhododendrons, more circular shaped leaves pointed at end Rhododendron Catawbiense Catawbiense… long shiny leaves, underside of leaves is white, No Bracts, much more glossier then Maximum Rhododendron Maximum Rosebay… long and narrow leaves that are bigger than Mt. Laurel, brown underside, bud bracts Rhododendron Mucronatum Snow Azalea will have white flowers, wrinkly leaves
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abbreviated plant list - PINES (PINUS) Pinus mugo (var....

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