5 - Marketing planning process

5 - Marketing planning process - I Part 2 Focus a Like a...

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September 24, 2009 I. Part 2 Focus a) Like a journey all marketing plans begin with and depends on info b) 3 analysis procedures i) Purpose ii) Steps in each analysis iii) Information iv) Applications for results c) Segmentation concepts II. Marketing Planning Process a) Informational Foundation i) Vision analysis – firm! ii) Situation analysis – environment concerns iii) Target market analysis – customers b) Corporate vision: desired image of the company in the minds of employees that maintains consistent direction in reaching goals b) Corporate vision: Example i) Why cant all our computers and gadgets just get along? c) Purpose of vision statement analysis: to provide direction for writing marketing objective statement d) Role of objective statement: i) To give marketing plan ii) Structure of boundaries iii) Measure of success III. Corporate vision (Maiden Wear) a) Marketing objective: to leverage and optimize the equity and consumer awareness of our brands dedication to help empower women and enhance their self image,
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5 - Marketing planning process - I Part 2 Focus a Like a...

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