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View Attempt 1 of 2 Title: HWK 4 Association Started: September 25, 2009 4:18 PM Submitted: September 25, 2009 5:26 PM Time spent: 01:07:52 Total score: 24/26 = 92.3077% Total score adjusted by 0.0 Maximum possible score: 26 Done 1. The October 2005 issue of Consumer Report has an article on the difference between Environmental Protection Agency mileage ratings and mileage results obtained by Consumer Report in test-track driving. Below are mileage values for 10 different vehicle types. Answer the questions who? and what? for this problem. Vehicle Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 EPA mileage 15 21 13 48 22 17 20 13 26 18 CR mileage 9 13 8 26 11 10 12 8 17 11 1. Who 2. What a. EPA mileage, CR mileage b. Vehicle types Statement Response Value 1 b Correct 2 a Correct General Feedback: Five W's: who, what, when, where, and why. Often, we add How to the list as well. Answering these questions can provide the context for data values. The answers to the first two questions are essential. If you can't answer Who and What you don't have data, and you don't have any useful information. Score: 2/2 2. The data plotted below comes from a sample indicating the amount of time (in minutes) it took for a participant to consume a certain number of calories. Which of the following values is most likely to be the correlation for the data pictured below? Your location: Home Page Homeworks HWK 4 Association Assessments View All Submissions › View Attempt Page 1 of 7 View Attempt 10/1/2009 ..
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Student Response Value Feedback A. 0.90 B. -0.99 C. 0.55 D. None of the above E. -0.67 100% F. -0.06 General Feedback: Correlation measures the strength of the linear association between two quantitative variables. The direction of the points indicates a negative correlation; the spread of points indicates that the correlation is not an extreme value (-0.06 or -0.99). Note: You must check several conditions before you use a correlation. These conditions include the Quantitative Variable Condition, Straight Enough Condition, and the
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