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study guide 1 - FALL 2009 HDFS 240: Children's Literature...

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FALL 2009 HDFS 240: Children’s Literature Exam 1 Study Guide Popillion Technical aspects: 50 points; Approximately 1/3 True/False questions and 2/3 Multiple Choice questions All you need is a pencil; the less you bring the better, as we are crowded. Things you will need to know from lecture: [Hint – notice that many of these questions correspond to the title of the slides on your notes] 1. Why you should take a class on children’s literature? 2. How many hours of television watching per week are shown to negatively affect academic performance? 3. What does the home that sends children to school ready to read typically look like? 4. What was the link between the survey research given about the percent of parents who believe that reading to children is “very important” versus those from that same group who reported actually reading daily to their children? 5. Be familiar with discussion of research related to linking early literacy skills and home environments, particularly SES links. 6. What were the various reasons for reading? Is reading for academic learning the primary reason?? 7. Know definition, purpose, and benefits of folk literature 8. For important dates related to the history of children’s literature, know what some of the primary things were that changed the way children’s literature was delivered/perceived. Especially pay attention to the 4 big changes during the early 1920s.
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study guide 1 - FALL 2009 HDFS 240: Children's Literature...

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