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probl set1 - reprogram cells True or false Nuclear...

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Gen 409 Problem Set 1 1). In addition to coding for peptides, what other genetic information is carried by DNA? 2) Griffith suspected that the transforming factor may be a protein. Why did the scientific community accept this idea in 1928? 3) Explain what is meant by the phrase: “The structure of the DNA carries the information needed to perpetuate its sequence.” 4) Many clinical advances rely on information gleamed from studies made in basic research. The long path toward treating diseases with patient’s own cells has become shorter as scientists learn how to
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Unformatted text preview: reprogram cells. True or false: Nuclear reprogramming relies on inserting genes into mature cells that either “turn back the developmental clock” or “change a cells developmental fate”. The human version of genes that act to reprogram mouse cells, do not reprogram human cells. One current goal is to reprogram a skin cell from a Parkinson’s patient into an induced pluripotent stem cell, and then to redirect that cell into a neuron, which could be used to treat that patient....
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