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CLASSICS 220- STUDY GUIDE- SECOND EXAM Battle of Marathon: 490- Battle of Marathon; (Darius) - Darius sends his generals to battle. Athenians defeats the Persians; 6400 Persians died 192 Athenians died. The Spartans were going to help the Athenians. Peloponnese ran all the way to Sparta and told them the Persians were coming. But Spartans got there too late (how marathon name came) Battle of Thermopylae -300 Spartans and other Greeks vs whole Persian army. Persians won and kept marching. Burned down/completely wiped out Athens. History - Halicarnassus: an Ionia - "Father of History" preserved the past. Writes about Persian War Historeo - inquire War of civilizations The grudge of Thucydides : • General for Athenians in Peloponnesian War -put on trial for losing a battle - exiled –Sided with Spartans . Cycle of governments : monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, democracy Delian League : -78- Formation; Greeks joined together scared that the Persians will return - treasury is moved to Athens; built up Athens using the money for fighting Persians Athenian democracy : Poleis - city/state self governing. 9 archons appointed by lot, 500 member of Boule (randomly selected assembly, not voted), 10 generals elected and treasure (rule for years-major influence on Boule) - only 10% Athenians citizens (had to be a man, parents from Athens and own land) Glorious citizen - Honor serving the polis ; birthright of citizen dying in battle-honorable to give up life - earn glory Plague in Athens : Athens pulled anyone and everyone from farms to inside Athens; created Plague. Burial without honor-dead being pilled on dead, customs violated- “Honor was with none”- Every man for himself Why Athens Lost - *Pericles died, had all power for 25 years-no one took his place
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Study Guide -Test 2 - CLASSICS 220- STUDY GUIDE- SECOND...

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