Option 2 k2 k1 n2 dn2dt 0 which species wins n1 k2 k1

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Unformatted text preview: ins? N1 K2/ K1 N1 K1 K2/ 2 Option 3 K1/ A) Stable? B) Unstable? K2 K1/ N2 dN2/dt = 0 Option 4 dN2/dt = 0 Stable: True or false? N2 K2 N1 K1 K2/ K2/ N1 K1 WHAT DO THESE GRAPHS TELL US? THE TWO POSSIBLE EQUILIBRIUM OUTCOMES: 1). Coexistence. When there is very little competitive overlap: If both Coexistence. aii are << 1 : species very likely to coexist 2) Competitive Exclusion. If aii is >> 1 for either species, one species Exclusion. will usually outcompete the other 3) Competitive Exclusion. If aii = 1, then the outcome will depend on: Exclusion. a) initial abundance, b) K of each species, and c) chance events a relates to how similar species are to one another.... another... Convince yourself: (recall = a12 and =a21) Coexistence among competitors occurs when: 1. Interspecific competition is weak relative to intraspecific competition. competition 2. Species are more self-limiting than selfothe...
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