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Plant List 1 - 7 Pinus nigra Austrian Pine Long needles in...

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Landscape Plants Plant List 1 – Cook Dr. Bruce Hamilton 1/22/2008 Scientific Name Common Name 1. Cedrus atlantica (‘Glauca’) (Blue) Atlas Cedar Spirally-arranged or rosetted needle on spurs, persisten barrel, like cones held upright in upper part of tree 2. Cryptomaria japonica Cryptomaria Evergreen, spirally arranged needles, red-brown shredding bark, distinct brown color in cold months 3. Juniperus chinensis 'Pfitzeriana' Pfitzer (Chinese) Juniper branches tend to arch slightly at a 45 degree angle 4. Picea abies Norway Spruce Large evergreen tree, long narrow cones, long pendulous branchlets, stiff pointed needles 5. Pinus flexilis Limber Pine Bark when old is a grayish(rough), when young it is a greenish(smooth), needles in 5, stems, although flexible, are noticeably stouter than Pinus strobus 6. Pinus mugo (var. mugo) (Dwarf) Mugo Pine Needles in 2, small resinous buds, which are hard to see, bark is scaly
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Pinus nigra Austrian Pine Long needles in two, needles do not readily break when bent, thick, blocky, gray and brown bark 8. Pinus rigida Pitch Pine Needles in 3, armor-plated bark, short, small branchelets arise directly from trunk and main branches 9. Pinus strobus White Pine 5 needle clusters, thin drooping needles, cones are long, pendant and slightly curved 10. Pinus thunbergii Japanese Black Pine The needles are paired, about 7-12 cm long, and the cones are 4-7 cm in length 11. Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglass Fir Tree shape in conical, branches horizontal with pendulous branchlets 12. Tsuga Canadensis Eastern Hemlock Needles are in 2, numerous small cones, flattened needles ‘Note’ Species Pinus resinosa Red Pine Needles snap very easily when bent, armor-plated bark which peels to reveal a reddish color...
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  • Pinus classification, Pinus, Least concern plants, Tsuga Canadensis Eastern Hemlock Needles, Mugo Pine Needles, Pine Long needles

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