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BCOR 3000—Essay Information Essay tips Your goal in writing an essay is to convey to the reader what you know about the law, and how it applies to the situation. You should consider all reasonable possibilities, and should conduct your analysis in the framework of applicable laws. Although there is often more than one possible outcome, any conclusions must be supported by legally correct support. The reader cannot read your mind, so you must write down what you know. On the other hand, you do not need to rehash the facts, except as relevant to your analysis. One approach breaks the essay down into 4 basic steps I ssue: Identify the issue you are to discuss, for example negligence or equal protection R ule Describe the rule, for example, the 3 levels of equal protection scrutiny, and which Applies to what types of distinctions A nalysis Here, apply the rule(s) to the fact. Most of your writing will usually be in this step. C onclusion Draw a conclusion (or alternate possibilities This is commonly called the IRAC approach. Thus, in the essay below, you would first identify the issue as “whether Harry is liable for negligence.” Second, you would set out the rules for negligence. You would identify the 5 required elements, and indicate the effect of any defenses. (see chapter 4).
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Essay Question Info - BCOR 3000-Essay Information Essay...

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