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Session Review - Session 6 • Psychology of waiting-lines...

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Session 1 Introduction to OM Definition of process Process flow charts Make-to-stock vs. make-to-order Risk pooling: waiting line and Amazon examples Philosophy/Approach: Describe the processes Develop measures to evaluate process efficiency and effectiveness Design and improve process performance Session 2 IBM Business Process Management Game Practice of Process Flow Chart Practice of the Philosophy Describe the process Measure: Data collection --- Evaluation Redesign the process Session 3 Measures: Capacity Utilization rate Bottleneck resource Throughput time Throughput rate Work in Process (WIP) Session 4 Kristen’s Cookies Case Process flow chart Gantt chart (Timeline) Throughput time Bottleneck shifting More on capacity Requirement calculation Session 5 Little’s Law Connects TT, TR, and WIP Throughput Time = WIP / Throughput Rate Applications of Little’s Law
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Unformatted text preview: Session 6 • Psychology of waiting-lines – Laws – Principles – Examples • Factors that impact the waiting performance – Variability and Uncertainty – Utilization Rate – Risk Pooling Effect Session 7 • Waiting line classifications – Five characteristics • General approximation formulas – Average #Customers Waiting in Line – Average #Customers Waiting in the System – Average Waiting Time in Line – Average Waiting Time in the System Session 8 • Simulation – Generate random variable – Portfolio optimization – New Product development – Waiting lines Session 9 • West Coast University Student Health Services • What is the major tradeoff on team design? – Smaller team, more personal service – Larger team, shorter waiting time, why? • How do we approach the case? – Capacity/utilization rate calculation – Allocation/schedule – Variation...
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Session Review - Session 6 • Psychology of waiting-lines...

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