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Session Review - Session 6 Psychology of waiting-lines Laws...

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Session 1 Introduction to OM Definition of process Process flow charts Make-to-stock vs. make-to-order Risk pooling: waiting line and Amazon examples Philosophy/Approach: Describe the processes Develop measures to evaluate process efficiency and effectiveness Design and improve process performance Session 2 IBM Business Process Management Game Practice of Process Flow Chart Practice of the Philosophy Describe the process Measure: Data collection --- Evaluation Redesign the process Session 3 Measures: Capacity Utilization rate Bottleneck resource Throughput time Throughput rate Work in Process (WIP) Session 4 Kristen’s Cookies Case Process flow chart Gantt chart (Timeline) Throughput time Bottleneck shifting More on capacity Requirement calculation Session 5 Little’s Law Connects TT, TR, and WIP Throughput Time = WIP / Throughput Rate Applications of Little’s Law
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Unformatted text preview: Session 6 Psychology of waiting-lines Laws Principles Examples Factors that impact the waiting performance Variability and Uncertainty Utilization Rate Risk Pooling Effect Session 7 Waiting line classifications Five characteristics General approximation formulas Average #Customers Waiting in Line Average #Customers Waiting in the System Average Waiting Time in Line Average Waiting Time in the System Session 8 Simulation Generate random variable Portfolio optimization New Product development Waiting lines Session 9 West Coast University Student Health Services What is the major tradeoff on team design? Smaller team, more personal service Larger team, shorter waiting time, why? How do we approach the case? Capacity/utilization rate calculation Allocation/schedule Variation...
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Session Review - Session 6 Psychology of waiting-lines Laws...

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