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9-25-09 Lecture Notes

9-25-09 Lecture Notes - fixating on things that are...

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9-25-09 lecture notes --Abbas establishes the capital at Isfahan, pursues a pattern similar to Ottoman sultans, decorating the city with grand mosques, -Mosque needs an open space for people to assemble, a source of water nearby (to perform abolutions (clean self), needs minaret to tell people to come, needs a marker to point people towards Mecca, a raised platform for the leader of the community to give an interpretation of texts -grandiosity of mosques have been established at Isfahan -Taj Mahal, built by shah jahal in seventeenth century, architecual entity, sublime design, has a very Persian style, creating visions of paradise on Earth, the design has a geometric component to it, architects are trying to create interplay between simple and pure geometric shapes -reading of safavid dynasty, western viewers grappling with the differences,
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Unformatted text preview: fixating on things that are contradictory, adherence of islamic rule mixed with corruption-Yong Le-Zheng He-Gavin Menzies wrote a book called 1421, in it he argues among the 7 voyages zheng he undertook for Yong Le, he undertook a couple voyages to the Americas-Immanuel Velikovsky in the 60s and 70s argues that the planets in our solar system have become too close to the Earth causing electromagnetic waves that he claims caused the plague, etc. .. Book is Worlds in Collision-Erich Von Daniken wrote a book called chariots of the gods, argues that the egyptians could never have achieved such precise measurement and perfection in their pyramids and temple complexes. Argues that the pyramids are creations of supernatural creatures....
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