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Unformatted text preview: of the pure T iS to expand linearly with increasing values of x = 2 w ere found 0 to x 5 0 . 1 5 , s upporting the interpretation by S choltz e t. al. (31) and Gerards e t . al. ( 65) t hat the silver atoms behave like a dilute gas which initially uniformly populate the Van der Waals gaps in the host T iS 2 c rystal. The lattice parameters w ere plotted as a function of silver mole fraction in Fig. 14a and P i g . 1 4 b . T he lattice parameters of the samples where 0.15 < x < 0 .3-0 w ere identified from the position of the diffraction lines to be pure stage 2 s amples. Silver mole fractions in the range 0 .3 < x < 0 . 5 w ere predominantly stage 2 w ith small amounts of stage 1 present. Figures 14a and 1 4 b r epresent a graphical summary of the X-ray diffraction results of the Group A s amples (quenched from 8 00 C). P ure P age -28a- F igure 14a H exagonal lattice parameter a ( A ) versus silver mole fraction x for the group A s amples. t+ dilute S tage 2 F igure 1 4b Hexagonal lattice parameter c ( A ) v ersus silver mole fraction x for the group A s amples. 0 5 .8 I{ I -f dilute + I Stage 2 Page - 2 9 - s ilver diffraction lines were present for all samples w i t h x> 0.5 m eaning that t he h igh c oncentration samples ( x > 0 . 5 w ere not completely i n t e r c a l a t e d , and that crystalline silver was present in addition to Ag T i S x 2' T h e samples with x > 0 . 5 w ere eliminated from all future work o n the basis of the X-ray d a t a . lines for Ag There was no evidence of pure silver diffraction 0.5 T i S 2 i n contrast with results obtained by S choltz e t . a l . ( 4 5 ) who reported t hat t he maximum mole fraction of silver that could be intercalated electrochemically or thermally was x 0.42. T h e group A samples (cooled from 8 0 0 C ) a gree w i t h the results obtained by Scholz e t . a l . (63) and Gerards e t . al. (65) only for values of 0 < x < 0 . 2 5 . T h e higher silver concentration samples ( x > 0 . 2 5 ) p repared for this work at 8 0 0 C a re predominantly stage 2 i n contrast with the predominantly stage 1 s tructures reported b...
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