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Unformatted text preview: the penetration depth in Ag T iS x 2 s ingle c rystals using 10 k V a nd 20 k V e lectron beams by Kaluarachchi (32). The results of the XRF results for sample B ( quenched from 1 000 C ) a re shown in F i g . 1 2 . The ratio of A g/Ti d etermined from the XRF analysis agree within experimental error in each case with the ratio o f A g/Ti d etermined .from the weights of Ag and T i S 2 p owders that were initially mixed together in the quartz ampoules prior to intercalation. 3 - 2 (a) X-ray Diffraction - G ENERAL PROCEDURE (DATA) X-ray diffraction data were taken for all samples using a P hilips P W 1730 X-ray generator with a c opper anode and nickel filter (to isolate the copper K a r adiation) and equipped with a PW 1 050/25 d iffractometer. The data were collected using a Camberra Nuclear Counter (model 1775) and an IMS 8000 computer. The resulting copper K a a nd K b p eaks were used to determine the lattice parameters of the samples. The data were collected over the 2 t heta angular range of 1 0 to 140 degrees in steps of 0 . 0 5 degrees with count times of 2 to 40 s econds at each step. using pure silver powder. The equipment was calibrated In addition, many o f the sample scans contained very weak T i 0 a mounts of T i 0 2 2 d iffraction peaks (from small p resent in many of the samples). The T i02 l ines were used to check the calibration of the equipment when they were present. . P age - 25aF igure 12 Verification 1 000 C) intensity of the Ag/Ti r atio for group A ( quenched from samples of u sing X-ray the silver L intensity of the titanium K a a flourescence. Integrated peak d ivided b y the integrated p eak versus the mole f raction of silver ( x ) in A g T iS2 a s determined b y weighing. X Mole Fraction of Silver P age - 2 6 - 3-2 ( b) X-RAY L attice Parameter Determination - The lattice parameters of the various samples were determined using the following algorithm: The X-ray diffraction patterns were first indexed (Miller indices h k 1 identified) for a f ew of the easily identified peaks ( e g . 0 0 1 , 1 0 1 , 1 0 2 , 1 1 0 , 1 1 1 , e tc.. . ) L attice parameters were calculated on the basis of the indexed peaks usi...
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