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Module 5 - Commercial Recreation

Module 5 - Commercial Recreation - Commercial Recreation...

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The image of commercial recreation had initially been somewhat negative, as early commercial recreation revolved around gambling and other pursuits that were socially unacceptable in some quarters (both then and now). But commercial recreation expanded far beyond its early focus, and now includes travel and tourism, the hospitality industry, and local recreation providers. Reading: How the Puritan Ethic Resulted in Blue Laws The term Blue Law was originally applied to the 17th-century laws of the Puritan colonies of New England. The first Blue Law was enacted in Virginia in 1617 to force church attendance on Sunday. The law authorized use of the militia to compel compliance by colonists. Later Blue Laws were enacted toward restricting secular activities, or the sale of goods, on Sunday, although not all blue laws focused on Sunday behaviors. Blue Laws were the most severe in Puritan, Bible- oriented communities, and usually banned work on Sunday in addition to buying or
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